I had to look at the calendar this morning to see when I had my 3rd brain surgery – not sure if that is a good or bad thing?!?!

I am going to go with good being as it means I am not dwelling on how fast I am not getting better, because the fact is – I am getting better QUICK!

A small recap for those who are now to the journey – sorry if you are a long timer and have read before.

So in the last month,

I have my 3rd brain surgery to remove the same cancer in the same spot.

                I had 3 brain radiations

                I started driving again!!!!

                I can walk without a cane – I am slow and not totally steady, BUT I am practicing.

                I took Ian to Target yesterday with just the 2 of us for Father’s Day gift!

                I am in the process of getting fully on Paleo diet – I am trying to use up food we already had.

I would say all and all things couldn’t be better.

I still nap for about an hour every day – oh well!
I try to remember every day to love the life I have – it might not be the life I envisioned me having, but it is my life, so I will love it…how it is.

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  1. Renee, I have been quietly watching, praying and believing in your beautiful spirit. You are such an inspiration! <3

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