Survivors Guilt

If Dr. H read this, I would get a lecture at my next appointment.

Here is the real deal…I sometimes have survivors guilt.
No one has ever said to me…”well that isn’t fair that you are better now and I am not,” but I wonder if they feel it?

I feel it.

Especially after I read this article:

I never knew the stats before…108 people with Stage 4 breast cancer die EVERYDAY.

This is how these things affect me: I look at myself, my family & friends, all my cancer girls, my extended circles…108 a day is a ton of people.

And this makes me mad.  Mad at all the years, all the money, all the energy put into other things others than a cure!
I get it…we needed all those other things to lead up to this point, but it still stings when I look at that number…108 will die everyday. 

But then that voice creeps in and says, “oh, it still could be YOU.” And it is true, it still could be.

No matter what, I firmly believe more of the raised funds MUST go to research.

I have heard great things about 
StandUp to Cancer – they deal with ALL cancer
METAvivor – they focus on Stage 4 Breast Cancer

So back to my original point…survivors guilt.  
Yes, I have it, yes it comes back when someone taken from this crap…even strangers, and it can be crippling when it is a familiar face. 

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