I can honestly say I never read all the warnings of what could happen with medicines, especially chemo…I figure why set up a list of maybes in my head?
Because those maybes creep up in my mind too easily.
SO, I figure until something is right in front of my face, I don’t need to focus on it. BUT, I only think this way when it comes to things that could go wrong…I LOVE to think/visualize about what could go right!
I am having another post bone marrow transplant Graft versus Host flair up. It seems these are coming up closer and closer together.
I also just started seeing a new post-transplant doctor. Although I LOVE Dr. B, driving to appointments 100 miles away was becoming a pain with my husband needing to get off work to drive me. I can’t drive long distances because I get super tired from the mental work it takes me to drive…crazy.
I just had a flair up not even 3 weeks ago – honestly I think it was 2 weeks ago but my timeline is screwy!
I haven’t asked for prayers in a long time, but I am feeling a nudge to do so. Please pray Dr. R (my new bone marrow doctor) figures out what is going on and has a quick and easy fix for me!
It is hard to do this back and forth dance between feeling great for a 10-14 days only to feel myself sliding backwards to where I just climbed out from.


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