You are truly amazing.


Your sweet spirit fills any room you walk into with a peaceful sparkling light that others can feel in their souls. 


Your light radiates from deep in your soul and when I look, I can see a direct connection to Spirit.


I love being able to support you in any and every way I can.


I love sharing your work with everyone I know. Your work has helped me grow into the person I have always wanted to be, and I am so excited and grateful to be able to share your work, passion and love with every one I know.


I can’t wait to see the ripple effect of love radiate out around me to others.






The above is a thank you note I wrote to myself from my future self…the kind of note I envision receiving from someone I have helped along the way.


Truth be told, it was hard for me to write this to myself. 


It was hard to compliment myself, it was hard to believe in my work as an artist and author…it was just flat out hard.


I am going on an inner journey this year. I have decided that I am tired of repeating old patterns, I am tired of living in the past with what I was able to do/what I cannot do verses all that I AM able to do, I am tired of apologizing, I am tired of guilt I sometimes can’t shake…I am on a journey to find the whole me of NOW and let go of the past pieces that no longer serve me.


Here’s to what might be the wildest ride yet?!?! 🙄 (I can be so dramatic)


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