Learning something new

Learning something new

I don’t always realize how stubborn I can be. Especially while I’m the moment of being stubborn… I will dig my heals into the ground and get pulled across a field just for the sake of me not wanting to surrender to whatever it is I am fighting.

Now, don’t get me wrong – this stubborn attitude has gotten me far in life – in SOME areas. I am going to hold on to that stubborn side of myself – ain’t no one going to take that fire from me! 

But the other side being stubborn is getting on my nerves. I think it is because as I watch my son grow through adolescence, his stubbornness about things he THINKS he already knows…the ins and outs of EVERYTHING. 


So that is what made me start taking notice of my own actions when learning something new.

I have said too many times: 

  • oh, I already know how to do that
  • I have done something like X before, so this will be no problem and I don’t need to listen  
  • what else could I need to learn?

If you don’t see that pattern here, it is me being too stubborn/too proud to admit I DON’T know it all, there are SO many different ways to do one thing that I should not assume my experience is the same as someone else’s,  AND everything takes practice!

I have watched art videos and honestly thought I should be able to paint right along with the TRAINED artist who has done said technique for who knows how long. And that my FIRST time painting this way, that my painting should turnout as great as the teacher I am watching. 

It sounds completely ridiculous to me right now while I am writing this out.

Because why on earth would I think I could spend 1 -2 hours working on a NEW style of art and have it mastered?? 

I shouldn’t think that.

I need to recognize the hard work, time, energy, thoughts, heart breaks, joys, frustration, glee and everything else that I know goes into learning and mastering something.

I have done it before in other areas of my life, so I need to remember to look back on those times when I had no idea what I was actually doing, but kept at it, kept trying, kept tweaking, kept on keeping on…with determination to get to wherever was I had my sights set on.

My first thing I am dedicated to learning in 2019: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Yes, silly analogy but oh so true. Every great thing, every great person, all the great lessons out there being taught by people who have walked the walk…all of this is teaching me that I will not actually get anywhere without simply taking one step at a time.

Can it really be that simple?

I don’t know, but I am going to see?!?!

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