No matter what I do to prepare myself for scans, the second I walk into ARA my heart starts beating faster and my breathing becomes shallow.


As I sit here writing this, I am intentionally paying attention to my breath….in and out, in and out and visualizing the excitement I will feel when I get the MRI results back.


I am now home and am exhausted with a contrast headache. Contrast is basically a fancy dye they give by injection. And yes, I always get headaches.


BUT there was a new MRI guy who is a rockstar! He got my IV needle with the FIRST stick! Yes…that is a rarity. I told him he was AWESOME and he told me he used to work with children getting MRIs. He is an Earth Angel.


While I was laying in the MRI machine, I was visualizing my Angels holding hands around me and a soft sparkly light in my healthy body all while saying “thank you for every little cell in my body being healthy and well.”


Now, I wait for my results. I don’t see Groves (brain Oncologist) until 1/29 or H until 1/24. H always calls me after my body scans, but my brain scans are crazy to read because of all the scar tissue, so I usually don’t get the results until at Groves. I will ask H to try to read…we will see!


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