It is crazy to me how our perspective can instantly change anything.


From yesterday:


I went over to visit K’s husband today to deliver some art and to visit with him because I haven’t gone to see him or sat down and really talked to him since K’s passing.


I tried not to cry.


I didn’t want him comforting me. 


I wanted to be the one helping him…ha – that didn’t work. Per my normal, my heart is worn on my sleeve and I cried…just a little…that is just me. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Funny thing though, he told me he was about to edit one of my posts the other day because my grammar was no bueno. 😳😂


For any of you who didn’t know, K would ALWAYS go back and edit my posts on the Lifer page because I am not a proofreader… I type and hit publish…yes, I do that here too.


BUT after being over at K’s, it hit me how not okay I am with missing her.


I try to put it in perspective by telling myself that she isn’t in pain, she is perfectly Whole and happy watching down on us.


It is still hard.


That brings me to earlier today, when I was texting with my neighborhood honeys about one of the kids losing their phone. As always, all of us moms have something to say about everything we tell each other.


I usually always side with the kids – it was an accident and sh*t happens. And let’s not all get crazy until we figure out while story.


Anyway, the lost phone was put in perspective after my time with K’s husband. 


We can too easily put so much energy getting worked up over trying to fix things we have no control over. Yes, the lost phone sucks, BUT in the grand scheme of things, it is no big deal…and we moms are all still alive, healthy and able to be b*tching about it.


Oh, and the phone was returned!


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