Well, things are going around here.

It is SO SO SO weird for me not to be at treatment 2 times a week – I kind of don’t know what to do with myself – well, that is a lie – I am resting a lot – I seem to hit a wall about every 2 hours.

The new house is all gutted and we are ready to start work on it – yes, I will post pictures of how it is going!

I feel a tad crazy from the steroids because they totally jack with my sleep but I am going to start the tapper down from them today! I am all swollen and puffy which doesn’t help me with my craziness!

I am going to start eating the Paloe diet today – yes, I will blog about it.  I have been praying for how/what I should eat and this keeps coming into my world – so, you all know what I do with that…take it and run with it.

I am about to start a painting for a custom orders for a 1stbirthday for a little girl – can’t wait!  I am going to do a video of it too, so yall can see.

I would say all and all, things are going great.

I am ready to get back Groves and Dr H to see what my plan it, but I am working on being patient and letting it fall into place with His guidance – oh, it is HARD to sit back, wait and be patient!

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  1. I love your positive attitude! Sending healing vibes and thoughts and prayers to you.

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